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About Us

Founded in 2008, EP Consultancy is a strategic, branding and communications firm based in Milan, specialized in bespoke projects for fashion, design and luxury brands operating on a global scale. EP Consultancy offers integrated marketing and communication services, from branding to activations, both online and offline, from brand extension projects to a tailor made press management service, working in synergy with a vast network of international partners, with the aim of creating value through unique and exclusive activities. With a marked sensitivity towards the latest trends, combined with the continuous search for innovation, EP Consultancy sets new standards for companies looking for a long term relationship or one off special projects.

EP Consultancy proposes outcome-focused solutions supporting businesses reach their goals, through initiatives focused on creativity, engagement, customization, and an excellent execution.

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Elke Palmaers

EP Consultancy was born from the ambition to build a platform that represents the synthesis of the experiences accumulated by its founder, Elke Palmaers, in the years preceding its creation, in 2008. Born in Belgium, growing up between Europe and the Middle East, Elke Palmaers develops in an international context, arriving in Italy, where she starts her journey within the worlds of fashion, luxury and design, overseeing activities dedicated to Brands for which she manages projects with an international visibility.

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